#NigeriaDecides2019: The election results so far

#NigeriaDecides2019: The election results so far

By Neusroom

In a closely contested race so far in terms of the total number of accumulated votes, Muhammadu Buhari of APC is currently leading Atiku Abubakar of PDP.

APC has won four of the five states already announced and has garnered a total of 1,317,976 votes while PDP polled 1,189,285.

This puts the difference between both parties at 128,691 votes in favour of APC.

Atiku Abubakar has only won Abuja while Muhammadu Buhari clinched Ekiti, Osun, Nasarawa, and Kwara states.

INEC is currently on recess and is expected to resume collation of the result soon.

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