Nigerians’ Hilarious Reactions To MTN’s #SeasonOfSurprises’ Freebies!

Nigerians’ Hilarious Reactions To MTN’s #SeasonOfSurprises’ Freebies!

By Iretomiwa Akintunde-Johnson

MTN Nigeria has been gifting Nigerians in celebration of the yuletide and thousands have received various goodies like bags of rice, bottles of oils, free bus tickets within Nigeria and even refunds for plane tickets for flights within the country!

These surprises have become a huge topic of conversation on social media, and like the country of diverse people that we are, everybody has an opinion and the comments on twitter and instagram have been hilarious.

Many people have been giving kudos o:

Even the ones who got surprises landed in the comment section to testify

Some were even alumni:

While a few people couldn’t believe they missed it – Pele o

There have been some ‘doubting Thomases’. Lol!

Some are still even angry sef!

And of course ‘awon’ Conspiracy theorists waded in…

A few people have gone to MTN’s rescue:

Yet, some had seen it happen in other places:

Some sharp guys are already telling MTN where to look for them:

And there are some that have plans for 2019

Another set just went for laughs. Abi na

Some guys were just throwing subs upandan. kai!

Then the loyalists didn’t find it funny

And the drama continues ooo….

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