REVIEW: Peruzzi’s “Heart Work” Is One Of The Best Projects Of 2018

REVIEW: Peruzzi’s “Heart Work” Is One Of The Best Projects Of 2018

By Umar Sa’ad Hassan

There’s always been one problem: Peruzzi has a better lyrical prowess than Mayorkun and even his label boss, Davido. That is a sparkling quality in the saturated afro-pop scene where everyone wants to dance or sing-along. But what Mayorkun and OBO undoubtedly have over Peruzzi is a better understanding of the workings of the ideal Naija song. The chorus is 90% of your song around here and these artistes are deft in their use of lines and syllables that not only appeal to the fans but stick with them for a long long time. A great song doesn’t necessarily translate into a hit.

Peruzzi’s biggest claim to fame asides, of course, being a cousin to Davido’s beau, Chioma (of Assurance fame), is that he was featured on 2Baba’s Amaka. A song some of us believe 2baba was paid to make just so Peruzzi could get on it and garner some publicity for himself. It ended up a smash hit with 2baba keeping virtually all of the credit. Heart Work was going to be his first real chance to make a bold statement and he did just that.

While he may not possess as much connectivity to the street fan as a Davido or a Mayorkun, he has proven he can win just as much with what he is made of. On Heart Work, he strikes the right balance between good sounds and a vicious commercial edge.No one song tells this better than Ola with Mayorkun, a quite pleasant pop medley, which pretty much appears to be the very first he made here.

The ideal artiste understands his craft better than anyone and nothing speaks more to that than the type of artistes they feature on their songs. Every collabo works for Peruzzi on Heart Work. Burna Boy complements him on without a doubt, the most radio-friendly song of the entire EP, Champion Lover. A breath-taking love exposition that underscores his ability to make a mass appeal song just as well as anybody .Peruzzi may lack an innate street flavour but he not only boasts an uncanny ability to whip up catchy lines in his verses, he boasts of a little more grit than your regular pop artiste. Stand-out qualities are invaluable assets for any singer looking to break into the mainstream. Why Burna Boy guarantees you a hit with every release.

He fuses some of that grit with a natural desire to have fun on a track to spawn the hilarious Did You and the very raw Dina with Barry Jhay and Jamaican superstar, Popcaan.A ragga cut as explicit as it is brilliant. He’s as rude a boy as warning the gyal dem “Listen up one time/Me no come here to play/Me no run a f**king pageant/Me no Ben Bruce”.LOL

He solicits label boss, Davido for the very infectious Try, a song with just as much smash hit potential as Champion Lover.

We see all shades of the artiste on Heart Work and in as much as i’ll give him credit for his ability to up the tempo a notch as he proved on Sagbana, he’ll need to work some more on making a slow song. As pleasant as Majesty may sound, patches of unbalanced rhythm rub off on effect. Maybe Bleed needed some of the intensity of Majesty but it certainly didn’t deserve a chorus like the one it had. The ‘If I wait for you’ part was an ear sore.

Davido has been working really hard to get this artiste heard and loved and with 3 videos at a go of the very best songs on display, Peruzzi should get all the attention he deserves. More than a leaked bedroom video ever would fetch him.

Because Heart Work is without a doubt, one of the very best projects by a Nigerian artiste in 2018.

Umar Sa’ad Hassan is based in Kano. He tweets via @Alaye_100.

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