See Reactions To Beverly Osu’s “Smoking Nun” Photoshoot

See Reactions To Beverly Osu’s “Smoking Nun” Photoshoot

By 234 Star

It was only a matter of time before Nigerians picked up on this Beverly Osu’s daring shoot for Taylor Live Magazine.

The actress and model is currently trending on Twitter for the shoot which a lot of people are tagging despicable.

In the cover shoot for the Magazine’s new issue tagged “Confession Issue”, Beverly is seen channeling a catholic nun in various risqué interpretations of the nuns’ habit.

See some of the tweets below.

Beverly Osu should have tried this with Hijab 🧕.

— ­­­­­­ ­­­­­­ ­­­­­­ ­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­ Mazi Ibe (@I_pissVodka) September 11, 2018

Beverly Osu should have respected that rosary in her hand.

This is Despicable!!!

— Adetutu Balogun (@Tutsy22) September 11, 2018

Although people have abused sacred materials a lot including Rosaries.
But what Beverly Osu did in this shoot is outrageously disgusting.
Smoking in a seductive nun attire wit Rosary at hand?
Rosary is meant 4 prayers, Christian wont come after u tho but leave u to ur conscience

— King 👑 (@theDamorela) September 11, 2018

Just imagine Beverly Osu wore Hijab and other Islamic attires in a lascivious manner and is smoking on top Lol they fit don find am beat her up on something… but Christians will just unlook and rightly hand her matter over to God .

— Akinbosola (@MrAkinbosola) September 11, 2018

I am Catholic and i dare say that this is the Height of STUPIDITY coming from Beverly Osu.

It’s a slight on what the Nuns Habit and essentially Catholicism stand for.

Why such Blatant disrespect for something that religious.

I mean why so STUPID?

— AURACOOL (@TWEETORACLE) September 11, 2018

Imagine how stupid and insensitive this girl Beverly Osu can be. Can she try this with hijab that Nigeria will not burn? I know they are those who will want to sound woke by claiming she didn’t do anything wrong 😠

Nonsense and stupidity 😈

— Modebolanle (@modebolanle) September 11, 2018

I am no Catholic, but the least you can do to belief and faith that people hold dear is to respect it.
What Beverly Osu did isn’t wokeness. It is provocative, disgusting and it was simply done to make her trend. Sadly, we have fallen for the bait.

— No one (@ilynem) September 11, 2018

But there are also people who don’t see anything wrong with the shoot and are coming to her defence…

Nigerian HYPOCRITES, leave Beverly Osu alone, religious, holier than the pope fanatics…

If it was lady gaga, it would be considered as, modern foreign art.

I hope to open a church, & scam all you gullible ones someday.

— Makaveli.™🌿 (@King_Govt) September 11, 2018

I see nothing wrong with that Beverly Osu’s shoot..
I love it even.

Portrays how highly hypocritical religious people are.
Don’t get why people are in their feelings over it.
You can insult her all you want tho.
Won’t change how true her message is. Smh

— +DIDI💎 (@Thic_didi) September 11, 2018

Beverly Osu gave a brilliant photoshoot.

Amazing stuff.

If you want to talk about respect for your religion and all that sack of hogshit, start with your lack of outrage over your Catholic priests that have raped and are still raping millions of children worldwide.

Real issues

— Web Designer (@WebDesignerVoN) September 11, 2018

Y’all condemning Beverly Osu should shut the f**k up. You think this kinda thing is what God uses as a yardstick for judgment? NO!!! It is how much love you have in you and how many people you show it to.

— FUNKYfied Aboki (@oluobededom) September 11, 2018

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