Star Boy, Wizkid, Set To Bring The Stew With VIP Exclusive Event

Star Boy, Wizkid, Set To Bring The Stew With VIP Exclusive Event

By Twixy

Wizkid is arguably the biggest artist out of Africa right now, and every time he turns up for a show, we know it’s set to be very lit.

This year, STAR Lager Beer will be sponsoring his exclusive VIP event, and with the beer brand putting its weight behind Star boy, here’s what you can expect from the show.

Star Lager and Star Boy, A Match Made In Entertainment Heaven

Before Star boy was here for yooouuu, there was Star Lager beer, the National premium beer which was the first to be locally brewed in Nigeria. Star and Wizkid have a lot in common in terms of being a subject of National pride, hence it only made sense when both parties decided to partner to bring this show to life. With Star now in the mix, you can expect to have loads of the premium beer at Eko hotel, come 19th of December.

Lots of Stew

A few months ago, Wizkid almost broke the internet with a simple tweet – “Everywhere stew”. The slang “stew” quickly became a buzzing word and pretty much replaced “sauce” in the Nigerian urban dictionary. With Wizkid set to own the stage tomorrow, you can expect a “stew filled show” (not literally ooo), when Star Boy comes through.

Get Ready For Controversy

Every time you’re at a Wizkid event, there’s a chance you’re going to be part of history. However, there is also a chance you may be part of a controversial moment in Nigerian music history. The kind that will trend and be on Instablog. Wizkid for all his talents is a very controversial artist and his shows are always ripe for tabloid headlines. Hence, there is a huge chance that all we will be talking about on Thursday morning are the events from the show.

Wizkid and Friends

In 2011, Wizkid bragged about his music affiliations in the song “Tease me”. In the song, he referenced how he knows some bad guys and mentioned pretty much all the names in the music industry at the time. Since then, Wizkid’s fame and credence has grown so much that he is now revered as the biggest Nigerian music export. Also, his music affiliation has grown astronomically too, with Wizzy working with many international acts over the last few years.

At his show, you can expect a couple of his friends to show up and thrill the audience. It’s no surprise fans are already guessing who the accompanying acts may be.

No bad energy, Only Live band

The debate over Live Band or Dj is a never-ending one. Whichever side of the fence you stand on, the reality is artistes seem to give more value for money (and more entertainment value) when performing with a live band. Wizkid knows this and this exclusive VIP event will feature Wizkid performing with his Live Band. If you’ve ever seen Wizzy perform live, you know it’s a sight to behold.

A Premium Day From A Premium Brand

Star Lager is national premium beer, while Star boy is a national premium artist. Both have collaborated to deliver an exclusive, premium event for Wizkid’s fans. Unlike the “Made In Lagos” Concert on Friday, this will be one of the few times you can get to experience Wizkid without the hordes of people that are typically present at his concert.

So there you have it, if you were having double thoughts about attending Wizzy’s show, these are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t. Wizkid’s VIP Exclusive show will be hosted at Eko hotel on the 19th of December, 2018.

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