Style Crush Wednesday: Timaya

Style Crush Wednesday: Timaya

By Njideka Akabogu


Last year, an article on Vogue described Wizkid as Nigeria’s best-dressed Pop star and it made me chuckle a bit because who ever the author of that article is probably doesn’t know about Timaya.

And this isn’t to discredit Wiz, because in all honesty, the Starboy does know how to dress. But best dressed? I beg to differ.

Timaya is IT!

I don’t know when or how it happened but I just woke up one day and there was this new Timaya – a far cry from the scraggly looking Plantain Boy we were used to.


I couldn’t sleep. The quest for revenge….the thirst for revenge was strong. I knew there was no way I would let this go! In case u didn’t read my last write-up. One of my ex-closest friends wrongfully accused me of trying to steal her man!!!

Can you imagine the insult??? Me??? Steal someone’s man?? **hisss** For accusing me of such, I decided to fuck said man and make sure she knows about it!

First! I had to come up with the perfect plan! I thought of so many things! From calling him and recording the phone call to so many things! I finally developed the perfect plan or close to it **insert-evil-grin**

I ‘bumped’ into him at a soccer event and flirted with him.. I got his BB pin and we flirted some more. I saved every last chat between us. Funny thing is….he never mentioned ‘her’ and I didn’t either. I invited him over to my place few days later…..we ate, drank wine, gisted, watched T.V and we eventually started making out.

I led him to my room where I had set up my camera….I made sure that my face wouldn’t show and I proceeded to give the performance of my life. Luckily, he wasn’t so bad himself.

We didn’t waste a lot of time on foreplay. I kinda made it clear that I want to fuck! & Fuck we DID!!!! I rode him hard and flipped around to give him some ‘reverse cow-girl’. He carried me and gently propped me against my desk and fucked me from behind. It was like he had been waiting for this opportunity…

When he left, I watched the footage…most of my face was covered except towards the end, so I cut that part out and saved it. I watched the tape over and over and edited it till it was about 17mins….I made sure my face wasn’t visible and my name wasn’t mentioned…….his face on the other hand was very visible….*evil grin*

I got it on a dvd and had it delivered to my ex-friend with a little note that read ‘You asked for it. You accused me and I gave you what you asked for. Happy viewing Bitch!!!

She called me 28 times that day, I didn’t pick. She then started to send me texts cursing me and calling me all sorts of names…..The next day she called with a different number and begged that I shouldn’t release the footage to anyone else……I laughed and hung up.

What should I do?

‘ data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” src=”×538.jpg?resize=662%2C348&ssl=1″ sizes=”(max-width: 662px) 100vw, 662px” srcset=”×538.jpg?resize=662%2C348&ssl=1 1024w,×158.jpg 300w,×403.jpg 768w,×191.jpg 364w,×398.jpg 758w,×319.jpg 608w,×605.jpg 1152w, 1200w” alt=”” data-lazy-type=”image” data-lazy-src=”×538.jpg?resize=662%2C348&ssl=1″ data-lazy-srcset=”×538.jpg?resize=662%2C348&ssl=1 1024w,×158.jpg 300w,×403.jpg 768w,×191.jpg 364w,×398.jpg 758w,×319.jpg 608w,×605.jpg 1152w, 1200w” data-lazy-sizes=”(max-width: 662px) 100vw, 662px” data-recalc-dims=”1″>

He’s come a really long way from this photo.

He ditched his dreadlocks, signed up for Beard Gang and generally opted for a more refined look in tune with his new sartorial image.

He became more refined

It’s been a few years since that day I discovered the new Timaya and he still hasn’t disappointed or given anything less than his best, fashion-wise.

His pants are the right length, his suits are the right fit, his native game is still on point and his beard is well oiled and glistening.

Timaya has been consistent and this is why he is our Style Crush today!

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