#TenYearsChallenge: 10 Astonishing Photos Of Roman Goddess

#TenYearsChallenge: 10 Astonishing Photos Of Roman Goddess

By Abiola Odeleye

It may have taken ten years, but Instagram sensation and Lagos socialite Roman Goddess has always been proud of her endowments. While sharing a throwback photo of her for the viral “Ten Years Challenge”, it was glaring that her affinity for showing off her ample body parts did not just start.

“My boobs are very real. I don’t need to convince you or anybody but I can tell you they are real. I was born this way and I will remain this way”, she was once quoted in a Vanguard interview. And who’s complaining? Definitely not any of her 374,000 Instagram followers.

Check out ten present-day photos of her that will make you marvel.

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