‘Thank you to those who refused to help me even when I came kneeling’ – Shan George

‘Thank you to those who refused to help me even when I came kneeling’ – Shan George

By Lukmon Fasasi

Shan George

Nollywood actress, Shan George, who has been off our screens for some time, shared her joy as her mother got discharged from hospital in Calabar.

According to George, her mum has been bedridden and receiving treatment since 2011, leading to what she described as a very tough period for her.

Speaking further in an interview with Sunday Scoop, Shan George said the experience has taught her not to trust people.

‘I have since learnt that true help can only come from God. If you put your hope and trust in men, you would most likely be disappointed.

‘A lot of people may promise to be there for you but when the chips are down, you wouldn’t see anybody.

‘During the long period my mother spent in the hospital, I really went through a lot and learnt a lot of lessons as well.

‘I am her only child, so I was really the only one running around and bearing the brunt of her illness.

‘There are lots of people who helped out and stood by me during those years, and I really don’t feel disappointed by those that didn’t help. God is sufficient for me,’ she said.

The actress went on to thank those who came to her aid when she needed the help as well as those who turned their backs on her.

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‘This is d UCTH (University of Calabar Teaching Hospital) where my aged ill bedridden mother has been, She is getting discharged today,’ she wrote on Instagram.

George added, ‘Since 2011 she has been bedridden and done series of surgeries. Well, She is still in a wheelchair but we r going home.

‘As her only child it’s been veeeeryy tough in the past six years.

‘Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family members who have helped over d years.

‘And thank u to those who refused to help even when I came kneeling, crying and begging for their help. U made me stronger and more dependent on God. God bless our Parents.’

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