Trailer For Movie About Ted Bundy, America’s Most Dreaded Serial Killer Gets Heavy Criticism

Trailer For Movie About Ted Bundy, America’s Most Dreaded Serial Killer Gets Heavy Criticism

By Favour Nnaemeka

The Movie “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” which chronicles the life of Ted Bundy, America’s most wanted Serial killer dropped over the weekend and is causing an uproar on US social media.

The Zac Efron’s highly-anticipated movie stars him as Bundy and Lily Collins as Elizabeth Kloepfer, Bundy’s girlfriend. The story is told from Kloepfer’s perspective, and the trailer supposedly paints Bundy out to be more of a charming and handsome family man who was misunderstood than a psychopath who brutally murdered more than 30 women.

Americans reacted immediately and they went on Twitter, slamming how the monstrous serial killer who often had sex with the corpses of his victims was portrayed.

See some of the reactions:

The people complaining about the Ted Bundy trailer are annoying me. Complaining that it shows him as too charming when that’s exactly the point. It’ll still show him as the monster he was, stop trying to rewrite history just because you don’t like it.

— Callum Best (@Bestie563) January 28, 2019

I don’t think it is right releasing a Ted Bundy movie when victims & their families are still alive. Imagine seeing the billboards & trailers. Its not a movie we need & its wrong for the movie industry to profit from the violent deaths of women.

— DontSwimInTheSea (@AlchemistsStone) January 28, 2019

Before I saw it I thought people were just upset there was a film about ted bundy which seemed a bit silly to me but in the trailer they really try and make him seem likeable for some reason

— Will 🐝🌲 (@crunchywilliam) January 28, 2019

this trailer makes me so fucking uncomfortable. the actual movie better be good. fuck this upbeat music. I’m sure zac efron did great in this role but I’m praying that the movie doesnt have the same feel as this trailer bc….. I’m not sure I’m ready to see ted bundy stans

— coco g (@niicolegust) January 28, 2019

This new movie trailer paints Ted Bundy as a little too “rock and roll” for what a monster he was. Bundy loved the spotlight and would have been so pleased to see a hunk like Zac Efron playing him, fetishizing his memory. It’s a little disturbing.

— britt (@brittanycardoza) January 28, 2019

So about that Ted Bundy movie

I don’t like the peppy action feel the trailer showcases but Ted Bundy did have a certain charismatic charm to him, as it was reported

He was very egotistical. People aren’t gonna go watch the movie and say “wow thats what i wanna be” pls

— Asuka (@TheAmazingAsuka) January 28, 2019

imagine you had a daughter that was raped before being murdered and then then decades later an edgy thriller about the man who did it is made, where he’s portrayed as some cool, impressive guy rather than the disgusting animal he was, honestly sickening

— kit (@_kitto_) January 26, 2019

Granted, this is just the first trailer for the movie, so it’s possible the full film will be totally different in tone. The movie was premiered on Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival.

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