Why You Cannot Afford To Miss Sound Sultan’s Jungle Story This Week

Why You Cannot Afford To Miss Sound Sultan’s Jungle Story This Week

By Prince Etim

This Friday, the concert/musical Jungle Story will open at Terra Kulture in Lagos. Over the course of the weekend, Sound Sultan and a host of his friends will be on stage, giving fans an unimaginable experience. With a career spanning two decades now, there’s no reason why anyone should miss a Sound Sultan concert. But if you do need a reason to attend, how about six reasons why you CANNOT afford to miss it?

It’s a concert, but it’s also a musical.

Sound Sultan’s many years of being a gifted actor and director is coming to play here. Not only will there be musical performances; Jungle Story is also a theatre production.

He’s using animals to play several Nigerian leaders and followers.

The theme Jungle Story plays on the Nigerian situation where law and order have broken down, causing the political leaders and citizens have all become animals.

He’s using a cast of A-list artistes- more than 40 of them.

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Everyone from RMD, Kate Henshaw, Alibaba to 2Baba, Simi and Niniola have roles to play in the musical. Where else would you see the secret talents of your faves?

It’s the first time a Nigerian musician is producing a musical onstage.

Not only is Jungle Story has a hugely unprecedented budget (400 million naira by our estimates), the scale of the production has not been seen before in these parts.

The event will last for three days, Friday Saturday and Saturday.

It’s not a one-day event: Jungle Story will take the entire weekend. It starts at 5 pm on Friday, 3 and 6 pm on Saturday, 3 and 6 pm on Sunday.

It’s his 18th anniversary as a performer.

For eighteen whole years, Sound Sultan has been one of the most foremost Nigerian acts of our time. Since 2000, he has been right there among the very best in the land. What better way to celebrate this landmark achievement?

There are no tables: everybody is welcome to enjoy the show.

There will be no obstacles to prevent fans to enjoy the show. As they say, all animals are equal in the jungle. Tickets start at 5,000 naira before the day, 10,000 naira at the gate and 30,000 for VIP. Don’t be told. Buy now on NETShop by clicking this link.

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