You don’t need a tribe, you need a (wo)man

You don’t need a tribe, you need a (wo)man

By Adeleke Afolayan

Three friends were seated in the living room where one of them resides, talking about the women each was eyeing and why they may end up having something serious or otherwise with one woman or the other.

When one of them – let’s call him A – mentioned how a certain woman’s tribe was the thing keeping him from going further with her, it made the other two think.

One of the guys, we’ll call him B, asked A why that should even be a barrier and he talked about how his family is from some part of the country and his kin would go berserk the day he brings home a woman from another tribe.

B calls that bullshit and says he would settle down with a woman from any tribe, Nigerian or not.

The third friend, C, interjects by saying he probably would not roll with a woman from certain tribes only because of the myths that comes with their place.

They laugh and get back to A, telling him how the woman he’s referring to is nice and would make a good partner for him if he could actually get over the tribe thing.

He thinks about for a bit, B and C’s are hoping he’s about to change his mind, but their hope gets dashed when he goes, ‘Nah. They’ll kill me!’

At this point, it occurs to C that the woman’s town is in the next state to where A is from and he’s wondering, ‘You guys are from the same part of the country, what exactly is the issue bro?’

A goes on to explain how people from his land don’t really relate well with the people from her land. B concurs, saying he’s heard about that and just lets it be.

But C was having none of it, insisting he may as well elope if his family and hers won’t get over what he described as a mental barrier.

Despite both his friends feeling strongly against the notion he had, A stuck with it and his friends respected that.

In the end however, it is sad that tribe should be a hindrance rather than a positive effect in our relationships and that needs to change.

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